Virgin Mary statue appears to ‘weep’ olive oil that smells like roses

Virgin Mary statue appears to ‘weep’ olive oil that smells like roses.


Battle of Okinawa

There is a memorial that has been established at the last engagement site on Okinawa island.

This place has the names of all who perished in this war. ( The list is continously growing ). Over 240,000 names are here. Japanese, American, Okinawian, Korean, U. K. And Northern Ireland.

Besides the tremondous loss of life, the civilian population suffered the most. Being born on an island, that both warring nation’s wanted ( U.S. and Japan ). Those Okinawains were conscripted into the Japanese military.

I had heard also that once Japan conqueered Korea, that they conscripted the Koreans, and put them in various war fronts.

Here at this memorial, I saw the names of those Koreans, also. And the memorial actually states these facts.

I imagine if any of us had family during WW2, in Okinawa, and if they didn’t return, their name might be on these walls here.

Every year they add names to these walls, as more information is found out.